Harry Taylor’s Morris are dedicated to performing, developing and promoting the Longborough tradition.  We practice monthly between September and April and attend festivals, days of dance and other  events throughout Spring and Summer.

The Longborough tradition is physically demanding and we aim to dance to a high performance standard. We are keen to welcome new members,  morris dancers with experience of dancing any Cotswold tradition are welcome at our practices.

The team is named after Harry Taylor, foreman of the  Longborough Morris side. It was from Harry Taylor that Cecil Sharp collected the Longborough dances, although the team had stopped dancing 20 years previously when Sharp and Taylor met .

With its signature jumps and galleys, Longborough is a mature tradition with depth and great dramatic potential.
Taylor’s Morris Kit was created from Sharp’s notes and drawings, although no pictures of the original kit survive and the details that are available to us are somewhat sketchy we have attempted to create a kit that is both unique and authentic.

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